Software robot identification a new issue in a brave new world (Roundtable Discussion)

Location:Gosset Hotel, Groot-Bijgaarden


Robots and AI (artificial intelligence) are at our fingertips, as we learned at the Beltug VIP Evening in March. But when determining the practicalities of how software can assist us and take over human tasks, several questions and challenges arise.


In this roundtable session, we will seek insight on handling the introduction of software robots, and work to develop an overview of the relevant topics.  A few of the questions we will take on together:


  • How do we reconcile robots acting as human operators with the log-in and authentication procedures created for humans?
  • What will be the impact on a company's software licences?
  • How can GDPR compliance be safeguarded?
  • What liability clauses need to be included in contracts?
  • Etc…

Join us in our effort to demystify this brave new world and map the hurdles.


Please note that in order to guarantee an interactive discussion, we are keeping the number of attendees limited to 15, so be sure to book your spot in time.



10:30 - 12:30


Gosset Hotel, A. Gossetlaan 52, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden



10:30 Welcome coffee


11:00 Introduction and interactive discussion on IDs for software robots


The session will be opened by Edle Everaet from Accenture.  Hans Graux from time.lex will provide insight on the current legal grounds.


Moderated by Danielle Jacobs, General Manager Beltug. We will discuss the ideas, experiences and concerns of participants interactively (in French & Dutch).


12:30 Wrap-up & End


You can easily combine this roundtable with the Beltug N-sight “GDPR - where do we stand on the journey to compliance?” at 14:00 at the same location.