Instead of giving in to more FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), let’s discuss and exchange around concrete cyber attack examples, to get inspired and move further towards readiness.

In this users-only session, we will first hear from CMS Belgium about the insights they have gained through years of practical experience with cyber attacks. Then we’ll review the real-life case of a hospital that fell victim to a cyber attack, and the lessons learned.

Finally, we’ll have the opportunity (optional) to visit the Cyber Experience Center, to experience a ‘successful cyber attack’ – in a safe setting, of course!

In our Agenda, we aim to balance both online and in-person events. At our online events, many members can learn from each other’s expertise and insights. Our in-person sessions let us dive much deeper in the experiences of fellow members. Interaction is key here, which is why we are keeping the number of participants limited for this session.



Welcome coffee


Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table

Levi Nietvelt, Business Manager, Beltug (English)


Straight from the trenches: practical do’s & don’ts when handling an incident

When a cyber-attack turns into a cyber incident, organisations activate their explicit or implicit response: informing people, analysing the extent of the incident, calling in help. Handling 120 cyber incidents each year, CMS’s team of cyber lawyers have extensive practical experience. In this presentation, they will share their insight into the types of attacks that are common these days, how to stop a possible threat actor from ‘stealing / impersonating’ your domain or leaking data, and tips and tricks when you are considering paying a ransom.

Tom De Cordier, Partner, and Deven Dobbelaere, Associate, Tech & Data law, CMS Belgium (English)


User story: The day the cyber storm hit the hospital

Back in 2021, the press reported on a hospital that fell victim to a successful cyber attack (although no ransomware was paid). More than a year later, the organisation is still recovering. The initial entry point, and how and when the network was compromised, were found. The costs and impact on the staff are known. So let’s take a closer look at this real-life example of a cyber attack, and the valuable insights. What was the situation pre-attack? How did the attack happen? What has changed? How does the future look?


Discussion – let’s have a look at your experiences, your questions and best practices


Wrap up


Closing drink and visit to the Cyber Experience Center at Orange Cyberdefense (same building)



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