Let’s delve into the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of data architecture. In this session, AE sets the scene with a comparison of the modular Modern Data Platform and the single-platform Microsoft Fabric. Then we’ll hear two real-life stories about data sharing, as MPET reveals their approach to the benefits and responsibilities, and publiq describes how they are enabling data sharing to open new opportunities in the culture sector.

Finally, we are delighted to offer an exciting chance to discover Living Tomorrow, with a guided tour that will present a few puzzles and challenges that we are all facing in our present and future.

In our Agenda, we aim to balance both online and in-person events. Our in-person sessions let us dive deeper into the experiences of fellow members. To maximise interaction, we keep the number of participants limited.


Please inform us in advance if you cannot make it to the event. If you do not inform us, and do not show up for the event, we reserve the right to charge you a € 25 ‘no-show’ fee.


Welcome coffee


(in English) Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table

Marieke Laeremans, Project Manager, Beltug


(in English) Modularity vs user experience: Challenging the Modern Data Platform

If you work in the field of data, you have surely noticed the rise of the Modern Data Platform in the recent years. It presents a modular approach to data architecture and its implementation by composing a stack of fit-for-purpose, cloud-native data tools and technologies. But it is only one option, and with the explosion of the data and AI landscape, it is possible to get ‘lost’ in the world of tools, platforms and approaches. Let’s take a look at one example, Microsoft Fabric, which offers a single platform and user-experience concept, and compare both approaches, to highlight the advantages and drawbacks.

Kevin Stobbelaar, Director Data & AI, AE


(in Dutch) User story: Dare to share!

Organisations are still very cautious about sharing data: ‘Is it safe? Are we giving away too much? Won’t our data be misused?’ But this means that too little attention is given to the benefits of sharing data in a correct way. Sharing data can make companies stronger on the market; it can be an accelerator and even optimise internal processes. Let’s zoom in on MPET’s approach and vision, through the questions:

  • What are the benefits of sharing your own data?
  • How can you share your data responsibly?

Bert Meerman, Teamlead Data & Analytics, MPET


Discussion: your experiences, questions and best practices


Coffee break


(in Dutch) User story: A data mesh platform for data sharing in the culture sector

Innovation and the promotion of cultural participation can be boosted by sharing and reusing data. The ‘UiT’ platform, together with publiq’s tools, forms an open ecosystem with a data mesh architecture. The platform is central to the development of sustainable and open data sharing, and it outlines a promising future. publiq achieves this by providing the industry with strategic platform tools designed to drive future data strategy. Let’s discover a world where collaboration and innovation go hand in hand, and where data sharing is not only strategic, but also the key to unprecedented opportunities in the cultural sector.

Ellen Van den Berghe, Algemeen directeur, and Sven Houtmeyers, Director Technology, publiq


Discussion: your experiences, questions and best practices


Wrap up & Closing drink


Let’s discover Living Tomorrow: Guided Tour

Our society has evolved at an unprecedented speed over the last 20 – and even 10 – years, and  it seems likely to continue growing at the same, or even an exponential rate! In this guided tour of Living Tomorrow, we’ll get inspired not only to understand what is going on today, but to start thinking of where we are going to tomorrow. For example, as cities evolve into mega-agglomerations, what happens to mobility? Growing food? Providing healthcare to an aging society? What will we do if our jobs are taken over by robots? Etc…

While no-one can truly predict what tomorrow will bring, Living Tomorrow aims to find logic in trends and technological advancement, to offer an idea on how it might look. Join us for this inspiring experience!



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