In this session, Deloitte will start by exploring the impact of cloud adoption on IT operating models, and what this means for facilitating a smooth transition to a hybrid model. Next, Leadout will provide valuable insights into market dynamics, hyperscalers and cloud providers, and contracts. Mediahuis will then share its real-life journey towards becoming a digital company, focussing in on the role of hybrid IT. And finally, VAB will delve into the decision-making behind choosing on-premise, hybrid or cloud.

In our Agenda, we aim to balance both online and in-person events. Our in-person sessions let us dive deeper into the experiences of fellow members. To maximise interaction, we keep the number of participants limited.


Please inform us in advance if you cannot make it to the event. If you do not inform us, and do not show up for the event, we reserve the right to charge you a € 25 ‘no-show’ fee.


Welcome coffee


(in English) Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table

Marieke Laeremans, Project Manager, Beltug


(in English) Cloud adoption and IT operating models: what it means for facilitating a hybrid model

Let’s explore how using cloud technology affects the way IT teams work. We’ll talk about the important changes needed to make a smooth shift to a mix of traditional and cloud setups by introducing product and platform teams.

Gaëtan Vernaeve, Director – Cloud and Engineering, Deloitte


(in English) Managing hyperscalers & cloud providers: a cost & contract management approach

In this presentation, we’ll gain insight into some of the key aspects of the continuously evolving landscape of technology providers, including:

  • An understanding of the ‘changing market’, from the traditional technology provider to a hybrid (technology) services provider
  • An overview of the different hyperscalers and cloud providers
  • Elements to consider when managing the contractual landscape
  • Cost aspects related to hyper-scalers and cloud providers
  • Third-party involvement: tips and tricks

Nick Op de Beeck, Director & Co-founder, Leadout


Discussion: your experiences, questions and best practices


Coffee break


(in English) User story: Cloud-first or hybrid IT?

Mediahuis, an international media player operating in six countries, will share the story of their rapid development, how they are leveraging technology to become a digital company, and how hybrid IT adds value to this business vision.

Koen Crabbe, Delivery Manager Infrastructure, Mediahuis


(in English) User story: On-premise, hybrid or cloud: It’s all about functionalities

Since about a decade, companies have been working on their cloud strategy, and many have already completed one or more migrations. The choice for cloud can be driven by various reasons, including financial, availability, or even lack of technical knowledge in the labour market. Let’s zoom in on VAB’s vision, and why they chose a cloud strategy. We’ll learn that it’s all about functionalities, both the richness of functionalities that the platform offers, as well as the challenges that come along.

Kurt Mees, IT Manager, VAB


Discussion: your experiences, questions and best practices


Wrap up & Closing drink



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