In this session, we’re bringing you two real-life experiences with these technologies. We’ll start with SASE, as Belfius shares its journey towards connectivity offering greater visibility, control and user-friendliness. Then, we’ll turn towards PAM as De Watergroep illustrates a more secure way of working to protect our drinking water and waste water services from cyber attacks.

In our Agenda, we aim to balance both online and in-person events. Our in-person sessions let us dive deeper into the experiences of fellow members. To maximise interaction, we keep the number of participants limited.


Please inform us in advance if you cannot make it to the event. If you do not inform us, and do not show up for the event, we reserve the right to charge you a € 25 ‘no-show’ fee.


Welcome coffee


(in English) Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table

Levi Nietvelt, Policy Lead and Business Development, Beltug


(in English) User story: Navigating the future of secure connectivity – the Belfius journey towards SASE

A new strategic sourcing and target operating model, increased hybrid working and a complete overhaul of the workplace required Belfius to review its connectivity strategy. The company chose to move towards a SASE solution thanks to the increased visibility and control, but above all the need for an excellent user experience. Find out about the high-level technology choices and implementation challenges, and how this framework will continue to drive future connectivity innovations at Belfius.

Samuel Stynen, head of Platform Transformation, Belfius


Discussion: your experiences, questions and best practices


Coffee break


(in English) User story: Protecting water at De Watergroep through PAM

De Watergroep is a Critical Infrastructure and Provider of Essential Services in the utilities sector (in collaboration with Aquafin). It therefore has both the legal obligation and civic duty to protect these public services from disruption, including from digital attacks. Leveraging the possibilities of a PAM solution allows for a more secure way of working, while enabling operating methods that were not previously possible. Let’s find out more!

Jeroen Roelandt, external CISO, and Jelle Debecker, technical projectlead PAM, De Watergroep


Discussion: your experiences, questions and best practices


Wrap up & Closing drink


Let’s discover Living Tomorrow: Guided Tour

Our society has evolved at an unprecedented speed over the last 20 – and even 10 – years, and  it seems likely to continue growing at the same, or even an exponential rate! In this guided tour of Living Tomorrow, we’ll get inspired not only to understand what is going on today, but to start thinking of where we are going to tomorrow. For example, as cities evolve into mega-agglomerations, what happens to mobility? Growing food? Providing healthcare to an aging society? What will we do if our jobs are taken over by robots? Etc…

While no-one can truly predict what tomorrow will bring, Living Tomorrow aims to find logic in trends and technological advancement, to offer an idea on how it might look. Join us for this inspiring experience!



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