Hybrid working is a topic we continue to investigate, both in our Priorities Compass (FR/NL) and our B2B ICT market research. That is why we are partnering with Isabel De Clercq for a Masterclass that takes on the questions:

  • How do you guarantee engagement between employees, teams and the organisation?
  • How do you ensure new employees learn from their more experienced colleagues? 
  • How do you facilitate network-building, when people meet face-to-face less often?

To ensure maximum interaction, the course will be limited to 30 participants. We aim to bring together the ICT/technology, facilities and behavioural sides: the course is specially designed for digital work place, facility, HR and internal communications management (Bricks and Bytes meets Behaviour).

The fee for the course is € 295, and for every third Beltug member who registers, Isabel will offer a copy of her latest book. The Masterclass will take place on 14 June 2024, from 13:30 to 17:00, at Sneeuwbeslaan 20 in Wilrijk. (You can park for free behind the ETION building).

Click here to register.