Let’s meet – and have a look into the minds of three renowned CIOs. We’ll zoom in on the journey they picture for digital in their companies.

Compared to a few years ago, CIOs today are facing some big, new challenges, in terms of:

  • diverse needs
  • rapid innovations
  • Board involvement
  • regulatory context

The CIOs of KU Leuven and DPD Nederland, and the co-president of Cercle du Numérique (which represents Francophone CIOs in our country), will share their visions for their organisations.

The Summer Bar is also your chance to get a ‘sneak preview’ of the results of our annual Priorities Compass. We’ll share how the priorities of CIOs and digital technology leaders will shape our activities, and update you on our latest efforts and on-topic initiatives.

Then, enjoy plenty of time to network and socialise informally with your peers at one of our most popular and appreciated events! We are looking forward to welcoming you, within this relaxed, yet inspirational atmosphere.

Beltug Summer Bar 2024 - speakers



Welcome coffee


(in English) The priorities of the Belgian business market, and an update on Beltug’s initiatives

Be among the first to discover the priorities of Belgium’s ICT decision makers. Every year, 300+ of our members respond to our Priorities Compass (the annual Beltug survey to gauge the topics that matter most to our community). The information and insight from the survey is the foundation of Beltug’s user-driven action plan for the upcoming working year.

Levi Nietvelt, Policy Lead and Business Development, and Ann Guinée, Communication Manager and Operations Lead, Beltug


Three visions for the future: CIOs’ real-life stories

How are three CIOs (all members of the Beltug Board) dealing with the big, new challenges:

  • As digitisation has spread to all layers of the organisation, CIOs and digital technology leaders need to understand diverse needs in diverse areas: from production to logistics, from HR to call centres, and so on.
  • They must keep up with innovations in the rapidly changing digital landscape, and make expert choices between numerous options
  • They need to ensure both buy-in and digital savviness from the Board
  • And they must ensure their organisation stays in line with an increasingly comprehensive regulatory context, globally.

(in English) Wim Nagels, CIO, DPD Nederland

(in Dutch) Leen Van Rentergem, CIO, KU Leuven

(in French) Daniel van den Hove, Co-president, Cercle du Numérique


(in English) Wrap up

Danielle Jacobs, CEO, Beltug


Summer Bar with walking dinner



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