At this D-scover, we’ll first get an overview of the Metaverse, from imec, then jump into a few use cases from Threedee World. Finally, it’s time to share your own questions and insights, in an interactive panel discussion.

Beltug’s corporate basic and corporate premium memberships allow you to pass on this invitation. We think this session might interest many of your colleagues: architects, infrastructure experts, innovators, the security team, etc.



Welcome and introduction

Ann Guinée, Communication Manager, Beltug (English)


The Metaverse, more than meets the eye

One of the most anticipated technological shifts is the advent of the Metaverse. The concept is decades old, but there are multiple views on what it entails. Find out how the Metaverse builds on the convergence and evolution of existing technologies (AR/VR, Digital Twin, Internet-of-Things, low-latency networking, etc.), and touches some domains where radical changes are expected (online identity, ownership, edge/cloud computing).

Axel Nackaerts, Program Manager Artificial Intelligence, imec (English)


Zooming in on a few use cases: moving from Web2 to Web3

Starting with the highlights of Web3 (and how it differs from Web2), have a look at four practical Metaverse use cases, and how it can add value for companies and organisations.

Diego Dupont, CEO, Threedee World (English)


Panel discussion: Your questions and your experiences

Take this opportunity to ask our speakers questions about this fundamental shift. Plus, let’s have a look at each other’s plans and challenges for the future. We’ll open the floor for discussions, and call upon you to share your own experiences.


Wrap up & End

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