NIS2 implementation and the CyberFundamentals framework

The natural conversation starting point was the implementation of the NIS2 Directive into Belgian law. Along with exchanges on definitions, notification procedures, training, timing and more, the CIOs shared how they currently report incidents.

Miguel explained how the CCB is ensuring that organisations are not left in the dark. As cyber professionals know, risk analysis is the starting point for cyber security policies and controls. The CCB is developing a voluntary risk analysis for the different NIS2 sectors. This discussion seamlessly led to conversations around the CyberFundamentals framework and its value for smaller and internationally operating organisations.


We also discussed SafeOnWeb, which enables everyone to report content such as suspicious-looking emails. The project is being extended towards organisation, through SafeOnWeb@work. One interesting idea is the intention to validate whether the publisher of a website is qualified to manage the internet domain. The CIOs and Miguel then participated in a dynamic exchange on the technical possibilities, on how to guarantee simplicity, and on the specificities of international companies and of large trusted companies.

Some of the world’s best ideas are born during informal discussions, and all the participants certainly left with some interesting ones. Thanks to the clear value of this and other exchanges,  Beltug will continue to coordinate these types of knowledge-exchange opportunities.