While Quantum technology is far from mature, Beltug members are already taking notice. In our 2023 Priorities Compass (FR/NL), over 70% of respondents said Beltug should include Quantum in the action plan, whether now or in the future. This interest was reflected in our September 2023 D-scovery on post-Quantum cryptography.

Why do we need to pay attention to Quantum technology?

According to the white paper, ‘Quantum technology exploits the laws of Quantum physics to perform intricate computations at speeds beyond the reach of classical computers. This groundbreaking technology promises to bring energy-efficiency compared to today’s greedy classical computers, with the ability to tackle intractable problems we simply can’t solve today.’

This gives it the potential to be a game changer in most industries, especially in the areas of encryption and decryption, simulation (accelerating development flows), optimisation and machine learning. So while Quantum computers are still in their infancy, stakeholders are already developing initial use cases and identifying promising Quantum technology applications.

As a member of Quantum Circle, Beltug can help keep members informed about key advances in Quantum technology, and ensure that they are embedded in our discussions. And we are in a position to make certain the issues most important to our members are included in discussions within Quantum Circle.

In addition to the white paper, you can find more information about Quantum technology, its importance, and what other countries are already doing, on the Quantum Circle website. And if you are involved in Quantum, you may even want to join and share your own expertise and interest.