The war in Ukraine, soaring energy prices, and double-digit inflation rates have exposed us to new fragilities that remind us how important it is to preserve autonomy and build a robust economy in a world facing the accelerating effects of climate change.

While Europe has taken the leadership in sustainability, other areas like technological innovation remain weak, which hinders our competitiveness and long-term resilience. Because technology is now everywhere, rising disruptive trends will affect any kind of business, whatever its sector or size.

The event began with a welcome by Chris Sunt, Chair Board of Directors Belfius, followed by a keynote speech by Marianne Collin, CRO Belfius. Then Danielle Jacobs, CEO of Beltug, joined representatives of other key digital bodies to discuss the issues, in the context of our dramatically changing world.

The panel took on the challenging questions around innovation in the Board’s agenda. Should Boards become more tech-savvy? What do they need to better understand and manage the risks but also the opportunities of quantum computing, enhanced connectivity, artificial intelligence or next-generation materials?

Based on the many reactions during the networking part of the event, we hope to have triggered the Board members present at the Forum. Beltug will work further with Guberna to bring digital and cyber security to the Board room, which is important for our members, ICT decision makers.