The designs of both premises have been carefully thought out to create a positive working environment that fits the new needs. There are lots of meeting spaces, but also small rooms where people can take part on online meetings via their computers with more privacy, and without disturbing their coworkers in the office. At Fluvius employees are encouraged in positive ways to take the stairs, as a ‘healthy’ moment in their day. BNP Paribas Fortis, on the other hand, offers plenty of bicycle parking – ideal for its centre-city location.


Beltug visits Fluvius, hybrid working





Themed décor, art exhibits, excellent acoustics, and changing lighting are some of the elements that make the offices more welcoming and productive work spaces. Other services enhance the convenience of spending the day in the office, such as a drop space for having packages delivered, the ability to order food, etc.







“Hybrid working is the reality today, and we are delighted that both BNP Paribas Fortis and Fluvius were proud to share their efforts and successes with Beltug. They, and other companies, are taking real steps forward to find solutions to the fresh challenges raised by the ‘new way of working’,” says Beltug CEO Danielle Jacobs, who toured the sites with the Beltug Board and Council.