That is why Beltug is setting up a new Public Affairs Task Force, to give Public Affairs professionals the opportunity to discuss digital legislation, policies and topics with their peers, and inform Beltug about the key issues. We can then follow up with policy makers including ministers, MEPs, the European Commission, members of the Belgian Federal Parliament, and regional-level regulators, to ensure your company’s voice is heard.

What are the goals of the Public Affairs Task Force?
  • Act as a sounding board giving feedback on legislation
  • Flag issues that go against the business users’ interests
  • Bring Beltug’s position to the attention of relevant stakeholders
  • Discuss new challenges
  • Exchange information and facilitate coalition-building on common positions of Beltug members
What will Public Affairs Task Force members do?

Members will meet about 5 times per year, mostly remotely (unless the members decide otherwise). The Task Force will only be open to Public Affairs professionals from organisations that are members of Beltug. The kick-off is foreseen for October 2022.

Some of the topics Beltug works on that are very relevant to Public Affairs include Belgian privacy law and the reform of the DPA, the implementation of NIS2 at the Belgian level, the EU-level acts on AI and data, and eIDAS, to name only a few.

  • Are you involved in Public Affairs at your organisation, and want to participate in this new Task Force?
  • Or can you encourage your Public Affairs colleagues to take part?

Contact us by email for more information, or to apply.