Agoria and its executive sponsors, the Ministry of Defence and the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB), have conducted the first-ever socio-economic study on the cyber security sector in Belgium. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cyber criminals and state-sponsored cyber actors. Our country must strengthen its digital resilience and lessen its dependence on products and services acquired outside Belgium and Europe. This requires insights into the Belgian cyber security sector. The Agoria study generated a wealth of information; the report then connects all layers of the cyber security ecosystem.

The report highlights the top 3 priorities from Beltug’s recent Priorities Compass:

  1. IT security strategy
  2. IT security architecture
  3. Taking control of hybrid IT (on the premises and in the cloud)

In fact, six of the top 10 topics in Beltug’s 2022 Priorities Compass are related to cyber security. Furthermore, in tackling their challenges, our members also find collaboration and knowledge sharing indispensable. You can find the results of the Priorities Compass in FR and NL; it also forms the basis for our working plan till September 2023.