General ICT

An example ICT Code of Conduct you can use to clearly define professional expectations’

How do you balance the organisation’s requirements for stable, high-performance and secure ICT support with employees’ need for ‘usable’ ICT resources and services – especially with the increase in home working? A Beltug member shares their company’s real ICT Code of Conduct (anonymised) to inspire and inform your own.

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Best practices for defining data retention periods’

Discover practical guidelines on how to define retention periods, including some best practices. The information comes from Beltug members, the Beltug Privacy Council, the Data Protection Authorities (DPA) of member states and the European Data Protection Board, sector federations and regulations from various EU countries.

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‘The protection of valuable information in the light of data exchanges’

Data is said to be more valuable than oil today, especially when it can be shared and exchanged. Inform yourself with these guidelines on what to look at when negotiating data sharing agreements. In addition to the current legal protections, you’ll find sample contractual clauses that you may adapt or draw inspiration from for your organisation’s data sharing contracts.

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Hybrid working

 ‘Beltug’s Recommendations on Corporate Policy – 2021 Update: Pragmatic guidelines’

The global Covid-19 pandemic led to significant changes in working conditions, but didn’t change the need for clear agreements between employer and employee. We updated our Recommendations for drafting a corporate policy that covers everything from work email, to BYOD for different devices, to all the issues around homeworking.

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Cyber security

‘Cyber insurance – Let’s talk sense and non-sense’

Hear and learn from your peers! Over 60 Beltug members came together at our Debate Room to share their insights on cyber insurance: do you need it or not? What’s going on in the market? And what should you keep in mind when selecting a vendor and a contract? Get a fast, 3-page overview of the takeaways.

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