Our Horn of Plenty is filled with data - but who owns it? (X-change)

Location:Hof Ten As, Melsbroek



We hear that data is the new gold, and through new technologies in our ever-digitising world, we are gathering enormous amounts of it, from many different sources.


But in every data-gathering project (IoT, big data, location-based data, etc.) the question arises: "who actually owns all this data?" And, accordingly, to what extent are the analysers allowed to handle the results of their own analyses?


In this session, we will hear from experts in the field about the possibilities and the pitfalls. First, a seasoned technology lawyer will explain the different angles of the question on ownership. Then company TVH will reveal how it handles the data issues in its day-to-day operations.


Please note that in order to guarantee an interactive discussion, we are keeping the number of attendees limited, so be sure to book your spot in time.


14:00 - 18:00
Hof ten As,
Perksesteenweg 37,
1820 Melsbroek



14:00 Welcome coffee


14:30 Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table


Ann Guinée, Project Manager, Beltug (English)


14:45 Who owns “Big Data”?

The potential uses and benefits of Big Data and IoT are endless. But exploiting and monetising vast amounts of data also poses risks to companies seeking to unlock the potential. And what about the individuals whose data is now continuously collected, analysed, combined, disclosed and acted upon? This presentation explores the concepts and the legal issues – including the risks.

  • Legal and regulatory watch-outs
  • How to exploit Big Data in a legally sound way
  • How to legally own large volumes of data

Tom De Cordier, Partner – Data Privacy, Technology, Telecoms, CMS (English)

Julie Bossaert, Associate – Data privacy, Technology, Telecoms, CMS (English)


15:25 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:40 Driving value through IoT data monetisation

Bringing us the real-life story of TVH, Kalman Tiboldi demonstrates the value of the IoT-generated data at the core of the new 'cyber-physical world'. He also sheds light on the concept of 'Digital Twins': the virtual image of your asset.

We'll find out who owns the data generated by equipment, and TVH’s lessons learned, including how to avoid vendor lock-in by building innovative ecosystems that enable interoperability and efficient usage of data.


Kalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH Group (English)


16:10 Interactive roundtable discussion

Make sure to bring your questions and experience to this session, so we can have a look together at the barriers you face or concerns you have when gathering, managing or analysing data. We will discuss the experiences and concerns of participants interactively.

Discussion in French & Dutch.


17:10 Wrap up & End