Fully secure & workable ICT - a contradiction or a counterbalance? (X-change)

Location:Roularta Conference Centre, Zellik



It seems a thin line, the balance between a safe, secured ICT environment on the one hand, and a user-friendly, workable system on the other. You need to make sure all possible holes in and out of your network are properly shielded, but you also want happy users who utilise the company's assets properly, and don't try to find workarounds when security measures make them feel inefficient.

During this session, we will take a close look at how to create and maintain that balance.  We also explore best practices for making your users fully aware of the why’s and how’s of the security measures put in place. Our experts from mobco, Awingu and Microsoft will guide you, so be sure to bring your questions with you!

Please note that in order to guarantee an interactive discussion, we are keeping the number of attendees limited, so be sure to book your spot in time.


13:30 - 18:00
Roularta Conference Centre,
Z.1. Research Park 120,
1731 Zellik


13:30 Welcome coffee

14:00 Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table

Ann Guinée, Project Manager, Beltug (English)


14:15 I know you!

It’s wrong to think that security cripples the user experience.  On the contrary, it facilitates access and protects the user from potential harm.  During this presentation, we’ll hear about the key design principles needed to ensure that IT operational efficiency, data security and - most importantly - the user experience are in balance. It’s invisible and greatly appreciated by the user, but how does it work with authentication, better overall protection, mobile access to internal resources, etc.?

While this presentation is not a technical training, it will discuss technology such as networking, VPN, ADFS/SAML, iOS, Android, Certificates, SSO and DNS.

Ulrik Van Schepdael, founder, mobco (English)


14:45 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:00 Why tight security is often less secure.

It seems a contradiction: IT departments understand the need for security and typically implement an extended set of rules to enforce it. But this impacts the end-user experience, resulting in people creatively finding ways to bypass the rules, thereby resulting in a less secure workspace. A new approach to security is needed!

Pieter De Clerck, Evangelisation and Business Developer, Awingu (English)


15:30 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:45 Coffee break


16:15 Classification and labelling as the starting point for user-friendly data protection

While deployment is important, making information protection a part of your company culture may be a challenge. Users who work with sensitive data need to know that there is a simple, intuitive process to secure sensitive data. Get some ideas on how to maximise secure behaviour by your users with minimal friction.

An Lenders, Technology Advisor Threat Management & Office 365, Microsoft (English)


16:45 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


17:00 Wrap up & Closing drink

18:00 End