Towards good indoor coverage in large buildings and introducing 5G in Belgium (N-sight)

Location:Hof Ten As, Melsbroek



We all feel the need for fast, reliable connection, wherever we are – especially as we are ever-more dependent on ever-more devices. In this N-sight, we'll start with the ongoing need for better indoor coverage for mobile communications, and the challenges of multi-operator solutions. 


Next, we'll gaze in the crystal ball at the plans for 5G in Belgium: just five years ago we were blown away by the speed of 4G, now 5G is waiting around the corner. Then, we’ll have a lively discussion on the rather controversial topic of Private Mobile Communications, and also hear from you about what you expect from Beltug regarding the topic of indoor coverage.


Hof ten As
 Perksesteenweg 37
1820 Melsbroek



13:00 Welcome coffee


13:30 Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table


Ann Guinée, Project Manager, Beltug (English)


13:40 Multi-operator DAS: Yes or no? What to consider from the design stage of a building project


Jan Bosschem of ORI (which represents some 55 engineering companies) will take on the question of how useful multi-operator DAS (MO-DAS) can be for different types of clients.  What processes and decisions should be included during the technical and architectural design phases?  And what are the cost implications versus the potential added value?


ir. Jan Bosschem, CEO, ORI (Dutch)


14:10 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


14:20 Full indoor coverage for the Flemish government


During the Flemish government’s tender call for implementing mobile and Astrid indoor coverage in four main offices, an opportunity arose to make use of the rooftop surface of VAC Ghent (a strategically located commercial building).  Our speakers shed light on the technical and legal elements of the multi-player negotiations between the lessor (Flemish government), the lessee (Sofa Invest) and the telecom operators.


Peter Bockstaele, Afdelingshoofd Technisch Beheer, Vlaamse Overheid (Dutch)
Judit Karlsson, Attorney, Crosslaw (Dutch)


14:50 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:00 Indoor coverage in public buildings


The need for reliable mobile communication inside public and private buildings is growing. William Vaes will share his experience as a consultant for the rollout of large indoor coverage projects for public safety (ASTRID) and mobile communication in the new hospitals of Maaseik and Knokke. He will go through the history of the projects, the technical challenges and options, the chosen infrastructure and the funding models. He will end with some details on the very interesting 'mobile-only' project, in which employees will use only mobile devices as their corporate phone.


William Vaes, Zaakvoerder, Network Consulting (English)


15:30 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:40 Coffee break


16:00 The regulatory framework for 5G


While 4G technologies are still being deployed, the telecoms industry is already preparing for 5G.  Touted as the disruption generation, 5G involves much more than the simple increase in speeds of the previous wireless generations. At the European level, frequency bands 700 MHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz have been selected for the introduction of 5G. The regulatory framework for allocating the 5G bands in 2019 is now being set up by the BIPT. We’ll find out more about the process and decisions.


Michael Vandroogenbroek, Strategic Cell Scarce Resources, Spectrum Management, BIPT (French)


16:30 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


16:40 Interactive roundtable discussions


Bring your questions and views to this session, where we will discuss:

  • The pros and cons of Private Mobile Communication
    • The discussion on whether or not to introduce the possibility of Private Mobile Communication has been raging on for quite some time.  Now that 5G is on our doorstep, the arguments pro and con are again raising their heads.
    • After an introduction on the topic by Alain Van den Broeck from Securitas, we’ll look at the opportunities, challenges and concerns.  And we can go over topics such as the LTE bubble, 5G unlicensed spectrum for larger outdoor sites, etc.
  • Potential Beltug actions on the topics of indoor coverage and other mobile communications issues, moderated by Danielle Jacobs

17:40 Wrap up & Closing drink


18:30 End