Beltug Summer Bar with Belfius and Colruyt

Location:Business Faculty, Brussels



Join us for our Beltug Summer Bar: the perfect mix of an enjoyable location, inspiring speakers and plenty of time to network!


Koen Vingerhoets takes us through the world of blockchain and its potential in intra-company projects. Then Peter Vanbellingen of Colruyt will give his view of the future. We’ll wrap up with the results from our annual Beltug survey: the priorities of digital technology users and how they will shape Beltug's activities. Plus, we’ll update you on Beltug's latest lobbying efforts and on-topic initiatives.


Finally, take the opportunity to socialise and network informally with plenty of your peers.



16:00 - 20:00


Business Faculty,
Sint-Lendriksborre 6,
1120 Brussels (Neder-Over-Heembeek)




16:00 Welcome coffee


16:30 Collaboration in private blockchains is the real Tomorrowland


Take blockchain away from IT and show business the way: IT already understands collaboration, but for business it remains a challenge. When blockchain becomes a strategy, rather than a technology, the possibilities grow exponentially.

Public systems such as bitcoin may have a longer history, but the potential for the future lies in projects between companies. Koen Vingerhoets pleads for collaboration in private, permissioned blockchain systems that are a better fit with a contemporary and economically valuable way of working.


Koen Vingerhoets, Project Coordinator Blockchain & Digital Transformation, Belfius Bank & Verzekeringen (English)


17:00 What is going on?


Questions, challenges, opportunities and some views about people, organizations and society. 


Peter Vanbellingen, Director Business Processes & Systems and Director Customer Communication & Experiences, Colruyt (English)


17:30 Belgian ICT decision maker’s priorities and Beltug positions and initiatives


245 members responded to our annual Priorities Survey. We’ll reveal the topics that came out on top, the differing priorities of private companies and public services, the major concerns of business users, how ICT companies prioritise, and much more. This information is the foundation of Beltug’s user-driven action plan for the upcoming working year, with concrete deliverables combining information sessions, case studies and interactive discussions.

Next, as the world of digital technology is in a constant evolution, Beltug continues to work on the barriers in ICT hampering companies; we'll briefly update you on what we have achieved over the past months, and what we are working on now.


Danielle Jacobs, General Manager, and Ann Guinée, Project Manager, Beltug (English)


17:50 Wrap up & Summer Bar


20:00 End


*You can easily combine this event with our users-only X-change 'From Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams - Why, how and when', at the same location.