Hope and prayer… or solid trust? (X-change)

Location:BluePoint, Brussels



Digital comfort, speed and connectivity have changed our world. But with this evolution, the need for services we can truly trust and count on is ever-louder.  How do we validate essential transactions?  How can company leaders keep strategic information accessible, yet confidential? How can we take advantage of the opportunities, while minimising the risks?


During this session, we’ll look into some of the possibilities, then learn how Barco delivers trust services to its business partners.


Please note that in order to guarantee an interactive discussion, we are keeping the number of attendees limited, so be sure to book your spot in time.






80 boulevard A. Reyers Laan
 1030 Brussels




14:30 Welcome coffee


15:00 Introduction: Participants’ expectations around the table


Ann Guinée, Project Manager, Beltug (English)


15:15 Digitisation for governance body security


Members of governance bodies (such as the Board of Directors or Executive Committee) must deal with crucial and sensitive information. That means security is key, to protect data on strategic issues from being intercepted, accessed or modified by unauthorised third-parties. Our speakers will bring their expertise on cloud technology, and share their insights on how enterprises can leverage the digital transformation to simplify and safeguard the work of their governance bodies, while maintaining the highest level of security and confidentiality.


Christophe Ophoff, Managing Director Belgium, Oodrive (Dutch/French)


15:45 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


16:00 Case: Barco’s journey to selecting a platform for delivering trust services to its partners


The connectivity between people and data is creating billions of new relationships that are driven by data and by algorithms that keep businesses engaged.  Barco embraced cloud technology with a platform capable of handling the challenges. Our speaker will share his insights on how Barco selected one of its customer-facing platforms for delivering trust services to business partners.  He will describe which pillars are important in this B2B company, and how he expects the platform to evolve in the future.


Xavier Bourgois, CIO - Senior Vice President IT, Barco (English)


16:30 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


16:45 Wrap up & Closing drink


17:30 End