Join us for a discussion with the BIPT on the Competition in the Belgian Telecom business market

Location:BIPT office, Brussels



For years Beltug has been asking the BIPT to look into the business market. We are very pleased BIPT now started to analyse the status of the competition on this market and Beltug is a privileged partner in this work.

So we need your input. As we highly value the expertise and knowledge of our members, we want to enrich the discussion with your input and observations: what are the issues you face with telecom in Belgium, both for fixed and mobile communications. 

Are you interested to join us for this round table with BIPT, please register here. 

Also, if you’re not in the possibility to attend, please send us your observations and comments (in ‘telegram style’ is surely ok) or ask us to call you so we can listen to your feedback.

Already a few examples:

  • Do you receive enough proposals when you issue an RFP?
  • Are there parts of the country where you find it difficult to receive different offerings?
  • Are there places where you would like to have fiber, but you find it too expensive or it is not even possible?
  • What do you think of the dynamics in the market regarding the price, quality and the availability of services/functionalities?
  • Anything else we can use to demonstrate shortcomings and hurdles in the market.

BIPT office, boulevard du Roi Albert II, 35, 1030 Brussels


14:00 Start of the meeting

  • After an introduction by BIPT we will bring the issues of the business market to the table. Upon your registration (in the confirmation mail), we will send you a short questionnaire prepared by the BIPT.  You can use that if you like, to prepare your feedback.

16:30 End