Kick-off meeting for the users-only SAM Task Force, plus a subgroup meeting for SAP users

Location:De Montil, Affligem


Is SAM on your radar? Do you have knowledge, questions and concerns to share? Then join us at this kick-off meeting for the new Beltug initiative: the Beltug SAM Task Force.


Based on the many questions we receive regarding software asset management (SAM) and concerns our members share about software suppliers, Beltug is starting a task force that brings SAM experts (users only!) together to exchange experiences and best practices.  Typically, the members of the SAM Task Force will be involved in software procurement, software asset management, vendor management, etc.


  • Part 1 of the event is for interested members. We'll go over the expectations and work method of the group, and  make a list of the topics you would like to see addressed over the coming months.
  • In Part 2, we focus exclusively on  issues for members who use SAP. This is the first in a series of SAM subgroup discussions for users of specific vendors.

You can sign up for Part 1 only, or Parts 1 and 2 of the event, depending on your interests.


Don't forget to pass this info on to your colleagues in Software Asset Management or IT Procurement.







De Montil

Moortelstraat 8

1790 Affligem







13:30 Welcome coffee


Part 1


14:00 Introduction: expectations for the SAM Task Force


  • As this is a new initiative - which topics you want to discuss?
  • Agenda for task force meetings in the upcoming months. Here are a few suggestions to start things off - but in the end it's up to you!
    • Cloud: different models of licence metrics
    • Exit strategies
    • Vendor management and third-party risk management
    • Licensing policies of major vendors
    • Getting control over hybrid IT environments
    • Issues with the major software players
    • Work methods

15:15  Break


Part 2


15:30 Issues around SAP


Beltug met with SAP, and discussed Beltug’s intention to organise a SAP subgroup for exchanging  best practices and concerns between members using SAP, but also to bring common topics to SAP.


We need to define:


  • Topics for discussion (without SAP’s participation) - to share best practices
  • Topics to discuss together with SAP. Some proposals
    • Migration to S/4Hana
    • Best practices for contracts
    • Indirect use
    • Metrics (how to make them understandable)
    • Selecting the right partner
    • SAP in combination with AWS and MS Azure 
    • Support we expect from SAP
    • Presales approach of the partners
    • Maturity of the different SAP modules

16:30 Wrap up and closing drink


17:30 End