The Belgian 5G Innovation Challenge, an afternoon of brainstorming and ideation - let's invent the future! (Users only)

Location:De Montil, Affligem


Organisations are beginning to get the picture: 5G will be an innovative game changer.  And this means so much more than just a new telecom network technology: there will be a whole new range of opportunities, many that we cannot even imagine. Yet these opportunities will be key for all companies and organisations.


But a world that doesn’t exist is difficult to grasp, and even more difficult to plan for. Many companies are struggling to identify the tangible benefits 5G can bring to their business. They face a need for collaborative, out-of-the-box thinking.


To spark the inspiration process, Beltug is organising the Belgian 5G Innovation Challenge. Let's try to invent the future, together, through:

  • an entire afternoon of brainstorming in small groups
  • a mixture of business users from different sectors, experts and students at each table
  • an opportunity to think freely and create peer-to-peer inspiration,
  • unlimited potential for creativity!


We are convinced our unique event will open the windows to inspiration for the participants, and that the afternoon is the eye-opener you are looking for.



De Montil
Moortelstraat 8
1790  Affligem





We want to offer a maximum of companies the possibility to take part, while also ensuring a healthy mixture of different companies and sectors at each table. 



13:30 Welcome coffee


14:00 Welcome and introduction


Danielle Jacobs, CEO, Beltug


14:15 Setting the scene and identification of the business potential


Tim Paridaens, Technology & IoT lead, Deloitte


14:30 Introduction to break outs


15:00 Break-out tables for inspiration and ideation


17:45 Light sandwich buffet


18:30 Each table prepares conclusions


19:00 Presentation of the results


With comments by Luc Vanfleteren, BIPT council


20:30 Closing drink


21:00 End