In the dark on Shadow IT? VIRTUAL MEETING

Location:virtual meeting


In a world where people are more tech-savvy than ever and the call for digital transformation is loud, Shadow IT seems to be an inevitable part of the game. Shadow IT happens when your users install systems and applications without explicit approval.


They may do this with the best of intentions: to solve a problem or benefit from a great new app. So you face a choice as a company: to avoid Shadow IT or to embrace it. But either way, it has a wide impact, on your budget, security, efficiency and processes.


Let's dive into this world of shadows. We’ll start with an exploration into the pros and cons of Shadow IT, then get an overview of enabling the modern workplace based on the new technology. Then we'll open the interactive discussion on the participants’ issues and questions.




This event will be held as a virtual meeting. The link will be provided in the Confirmation email.





13:30 Introduction


Ann Guinée, Communication Manager, Beltug (English)


13:40 Get your assets out of the Shadow


Shadow IT can create big problems, including increasing the likelihood of unofficial data flows that violate internal policies or even laws and regulations. In this session, we’ll be immersed in the chronicles of Shadow IT, and perhaps discover that ‘life in the shadows’ is not so bad - as long as we can control it!


Peter Verbeeck, Solution Advisor Specialist & Vendor Alliance/DPO, and Danny Uytgeerts, Technology Strategist & Security Officer/DPO, SoftwareONE (English)


14:10 The modern workplace, without shadow IT


Security requirements can make corporate tools complex to use. This leads business units and employees to look for alternative solutions, in order to create a smoothly functioning workplace. This is what drives shadow IT: a quick win that eventually undermines the company’s operations and security. In the modern workplace, end users also want to be able to use their favourite devices and apps. While this creates added concern for IT-managers, in fact it can be handled easily and safely. Let’s find out how we can enable both modern management and employee choice, with the perfect balance between end user experience, IT efficiency and security.


Stefan BerthSales Director mobile IT, mobco (English)


14:40 Q&A: your questions, your experience


15:00 Wrap up & End