Wifi6 versus 5G: do we have to choose? (N-sight)

Location:interactive virtual meeting


Two new communication protocols are looming on the horizon: Wifi6 and 5G. Both are wireless broadband protocols, but that is where the resemblance ends. So why would you choose one over the other? Or could you use them in tandem - or even in parallel? There are so many questions still to address, so in this N-sight, we’ll take a look.


Huawei will start us off with a dive into the technologies, and specifically the possible advantages of Wifi6. Then NTT will explore what is happening for both right now, after an earlier ‘false start’: what’s the holdup?









This event will be held as an interactive virtual meeting. The link will be provided in the Confirmation email.






13:30 Welcome and introduction


Christophe Geuens, Business Manager, Beltug (English)


13:45 Wifi6 vs. 5G: what are the real advantages?


For certain scenarios, you should be at least considering and evaluating Wifi6. So what are the key technologies that make it a very interesting choice when compared to 5G?  And why is Wifi6 a better solution than 5G in some cases?


Ronald Potharst, Senior IP Solution Sales Manager, Huawei (English)


14:15 What will be the (r)evolution of Wifi6 and 5G after their ‘false starts’?


With the double-whammy of COVID-19 and the long journey to a Belgian government, both Wifi6 and 5G experienced a false start. Let’s find out what has happened in the meanwhile, and how companies are dealing with this delay. Who will come out on top (if anyone): will Wifi6 take advantage of this situation, or will it be 5G? Or maybe it will be rather a combination of both technologies? We'll hear about NTT’s findings in this session.


Filip De Maeyer, Regional Practice Manager ‑ Enduser Compute, NTT (English)


14:45 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:10 End


We will keep the session open after the end to enable those who wish to continue the discussions.