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Even an ‘average’ organisation can easily have tens and even hundreds of suppliers in its ecosystem, just for ICT. Everything from hardware, through services, to outsourcing and software. And that means there are plenty of contracts and licences to negotiate, relationships to build and maintain, and service levels to agree on and to achieve. All this creates a dense vendor forest that you have to manage – but you need to keep your eye on the full ecosystem, and not get bogged down at the individual ‘tree’ level.


Let's push right into this jungle of vendor management, with three real-life cases offering best practices and pitfalls to avoid. First we'll hear how Agfa has rethought its supply chain value, to ensure reliability even in difficult times. Then we'll dive into Vendor Management of major software providers with Eurofins. Finally, we'll learn about Colruyt's approach to the vendor ecosystem.








This event will be held as a virtual meeting. The link will be provided in the Confirmation email.






13:30 Welcome and introduction


Ann Guinée, Communication Manager, Beltug (English)


13:40 Case: Supplier Relationship Management in the COVID era - sharing experiences


With the disruption due to COVID-19, Agfa has been rethinking supply chain value, especially the parts that seem to be outside of their control: suppliers and their sub-suppliers. We’ll find out how ensuring the reliability of the complete supply chain in these difficult times became one of the key expectations of Supplier Relationship Management at the company.


Piotr Dokurno, DR Purchasing Manager, Agfa (English)


14:10 Case: Software Vendor Relationship Management


To build and foster fruitful partnerships with large software vendors (Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, etc.), it is important to act in full knowledge of two parameters: the supplier’s market position and its strategic importance to your organisation. The Vendor Management function must be empowered to act as a clear representative of all your interests with these vendors, with sufficient executive endorsement on occasion. At the same time, Vendor Management needs to build a strong internal network across technical and business stakeholders to coordinate on strategic issues both from a Customer and Supplier point of view. In this presentation, we will pick up some practical examples of how to navigate these murky waters and make the most of a 'vendor lock-in' scenario with software vendors.


Robert Bencze, Group Head of SAM, Eurofins (English)


14:40 Case: ICT vendor management at Colruyt Group


Across 4 themes, we will learn about Colruyt's approach to managing the vendor ecosystem:

  • Vendor vs business partner  
  • Vendor management vs technology approach/choices
  • Category collaborations (preferred, best of breed, etc.)
  • Creating impact on the business partners

Jean-Pierre Monné, BP&S Staff IT Member, Colruyt Group (English); Erwin De Vogel, Staff member IT/purchaser, Colruyt Group (English)


15:10 Wrap up


15:30 End