Your IT architecture strategy: solid, versatile…or both? (N-sight)

Location:virtual meeting


Our world is packed with solutions to digitise and modernise our IT architectures. But having options means making choices… which will be impacted both internally and externally, by market drivers and your own strategy. So in this world of rapid change and constantly evolving technologies, how can we stay true to our vision yet flexibly adapt to our environment?


During this session, we will hear from Deloitte about moving your data centre to the cloud. Then we’ll get 2 real life cases, with Picanol sharing its experiences with on premise, cloud and hybrid IT architecture, and VUB giving us insight into its future vision.








This event will be held as an interactive virtual meeting. The link will be provided in the Confirmation email.






13:30 Welcome and introduction


Ann Guinée, Communication Manager, Beltug (English)


13:40 Cloud and the ‘zero data centre’ company


Data centre modernisations to the cloud are accelerating, and the market is expected to grow about 29% per year until 2025. In this session, we will hear about the key drivers (including business cases) to modernising, the success factors and the typical approach. How can organisations address their existing IT footprint?


Thomas Kessler, Partner - Cloud Engineering, Deloitte (English)


14:10 Case: Picanol's do's and don’ts for architecture strategy


Innovation is key to Picanol Group. For this diversified industrial group that is active worldwide, a well-thought-out IT architecture strategy and vision are critical. Let's find out what has worked for Picanol and what hasn’t, with on premise, cloud and hybrid.


Marc Colman, IT Infra Manager, Picanol (Dutch)


14:40 Case: The VUB ICT landscape: challenges & strategy for the future


In this talk, we’ll get an insight into VUB's current ICT infrastructure, and the challenges of supporting the administrative and academic world. How will the strategy & vision of VUB’s ICT management make the IT landscape future-oriented and offer added value to the users?


Joachim Verschelden, Head of Department ICT Infrastructure & Operations, VUB (English)


15:10 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:30 Wrap up and end


We will keep the session open after the end to enable those who wish to continue the discussions.