Beltug Executive Talk: Towards a new and (more) ethical revenue model of data, Professor dr. ir. Erik Mannens, Director Research Valorisation at imec

Location:virtual meeting




Join us for this highly inspirational talk with the advocate for new revenue models on the internet, allowing everyone to become the owner of his/her own data. In sync with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet, Professor Erik Mannens pleads to turn the internet upside down.


During this webinar, you'll have the chance to pose your questions to Professor Mannens.


The link to participate will be provided to you 2 days before the event.



22 March, 17-18h


Towards a new and (more) ethical revenue model of data


Prof. dr. ir. Erik Mannens, Professor Data Science at Ghent University and Research Valorisation director at imec


Big Tech (primarily US- and Far East-driven) rules, thanks primarily to your data. With AI and IoT around the corner, things are going to get even worse (if nothing changes in the current value chains). That is, unless we as Europe come up with an alternative that is both beneficial for our companies and organisations and to the end consumer – namely, you!



Professor Erik Mannens has been Research Valorisation Director at imec & Professor at Ghent University - IDLab since 2005. He currently heads a Data Science team of 50+ Semantic Technologies & Artificial Intelligence Researchers.


That team focusses on:


1) examining the Web and understanding its impact on contemporary society
2) exploring novel changes that the Web enables in how we run our lives
3) developing Web innovations and enhancements for the Web’s future operations.


They are committed to the Open Source, Open Access & Open Knowledge movements, and is part of Flanders’ Smart City 'City of Things' initiative! Professor Mannens is a Linked Open Data evangelist, a Smart City expert, and an Ethical AI specialist.