Verizon - 5G Ready: Built Right for Business

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Virtual Event: Join us at 5G Ready: Built Right for Business with Verizon



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Don’t miss our thought-provoking virtual customer event which takes place on 24 Nov (3pm to 4:30pm CET). We’re bringing experts together to examine the role of 5G in business.

Keynote speakers will be discussing topics that include Industry 4.0, and the innovations that 5G enables, such as predictive maintenance, remote operations, improving safety and increasing operational efficiency.


You’ll hear how other companies are already innovating with 5G, and how you can apply the lessons they have learned to your business. You’ll even be able to experience what is possible with our demo showcase.


This is the 5G you have been waiting for. This is 5G built right for business – your platform for innovation.



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