Which communication channels lead to an optimal customer experience? (N-sight)

Location:virtual meeting


According to Gartner’s 2020 predictions, this year we should see 15% of all customer service interactions going through chatbots, with a massive increase to 70% in 2022. This growth, of course, is conditional upon chatbots becoming more intelligent, driven by AI. In such a scenario, chatbots will become prevalent not only in customer service and sales, but also in IT and HR.


But don't we need to keep it real? In the end, an optimal customer experience is what the client (internal or external) wants and expects - not the technology behind it. With this in mind how do we achieve this ‘optimal customer experience’?


In this Beltug N-sight, we’ll hear from delaware digital about this relationship between customer experience and technology, illustrated by two real life examples. Next, we’ll learn about Upgrade Estate’s holistic approach towards its brands: using diverse channels to communicate with digital natives, specifically students and young professionals.







This event will be held as an interactive virtual meeting. The link will be provided in the Confirmation email.








13:30 Welcome and introduction


Levi Nietvelt, Business Manager, Beltug (English)


13:40 Chatbots: keep it real: a truly helpful customer experience is better than hyped technologies


The customer experience is indeed central, and technology is secondary, say our speakers. In this presentation, they take on two main questions: why do most chatbots fail, and how to choose the right channels for a truly helpful customer experience? The points will be illustrated with two real life examples, from Trouw Nutrition and Dura-Line.


Felix De Clercq, Digital Strategist and Wim Vergouwe, CTO, delaware digital (English)


14:10 How Upgrade Estate’s holistic approach to its brands enables the ultimate customer experience


Upgrade Estate builds and manages housing for students and young professionals. Their clients are digital-savvy multitaskers, innovative and vocal. Upgrade Estate carefully listens and communicates, with the goal of knowing better than anyone else how to respond to the needs of these target groups. Why are Upgrade Estate's brands so customer intimate? And how will they achieve this with their new brand Upoffiz?


Nils Vanhauwaert, COO, Upgrade Estate (English)


14:40 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:10 Wrap up & End


We will keep the session open after the end to enable those who wish to continue the discussions.