eArchiving : issues, pitfalls and solutions.

Location:virtual meeting


With remote or homeworking expected to remain a common thread in our present and future, the importance of eSignatures has become clearer. It’s not very efficient to pass around paper documents between people working at different locations. But what about eArchiving? After all, once documents are electronically signed, they need to be archived. So what solutions do we have now, and how might the landscape evolve in the future?


During this session, we will focus on eArchiving. First, Marc Wouters of the FPS Economy will zoom in on a few technical challenges of eArchiving, including the fact that many documents are part of an ERP system. Then, Bram Lerouge of Doccle will discuss technical architecture and legal compliance.  








This event will be held as an interactive virtual meeting. The link will be provided in the Confirmation email.








13:30 Welcome, introduction and overview of Beltug’s work on eSignature and eArchiving


Levi Nietvelt, Business Manager (English)


13:40 From eSignature to eArchiving: The current situation and technical solutions


The framework for eArchiving has progressed significantly, with greater clarity around the certification scheme and the companies that will provide the certification. This means organisations are indeed starting to develop eArchiving. What technical challenges have they encountered? And what issues arise around their ERP programmes? We will also get a look into the future, at modular certification and the revision of the eIDAS regulation.


Marc Wouters, Advisor, FPS Economy (Dutch, slides in English)


14:20 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


14:40 Clearing the fog around legal archiving under eIDAS


Since the introduction of eIDAS, much work has been done to create clear guidelines for the market. Doccle has a vision that includes the ‘where’, ‘for whom’ and ‘when’ legal archiving  will become an issue organisations need to address.  What are the functionalities and technical architecture of a legal archive? And when do organisations need to consider it within their legal compliance programs?


Bram Lerouge, CEO, Doccle (English)


15:10 Q&A: Your questions, your experience


15:30 Wrap up & End


We will keep the session open after the end to enable those who wish to continue the discussions.