Orange Cyberdefense - LIVE 2021

Location:Orange Cyberdefense headquarters, Wijnegem


Orange Cyberdefense LIVE 2021


We are excited to announce to you the opening of our new headquarters during our Orange Cyberdefense Live event – Breaking barriers. Of course, you are invited to discover our brand new ‘experience room’ on the top floor! At this event, we will offer you a complete experience with market-related keynotes. There will be multiple networking opportunities with your industry peers, and you will be able to have some one-to-one interaction with experts.

This event is a premiere for Orange Cyberdefense Belgium. Not only in content and networking but also in culinary treats by our private chef.

So we hope you will save the date in your agenda and pre-register here in order to participate in this event!

We will be… Breaking barriers!



Programme - pick your vertical on the website and register


25 Oct, morning General session


25 Oct, afternoon Government, French


26 Oct, all day Industry


27 Oct, morning Healthcare (French)


27 Oct, afternoon Healthcare (Dutch)


28 Oct, all day Finance


29 Oct, morning Government (Dutch)


29 Oct General session



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