Beltug challenges ServiceNow (users only)

Location:virtual meeting


Beltug challenges ServiceNow. Invitation to the users-only X-change


Members contact us regularly about the challenges they face when working with ServiceNow.


In June, we organised a meeting with members to investigate these concerns. The main common issues were communicated to the provider.


Now, Beltug is giving our members the chance to meet with ServiceNow, and to discuss their topics of interest.

As this is an interactive meeting, if time allows, we will open the discussion to additional questions. Please feel free to send your suggested topics to Levi.


This is a 'users-only' event, for ServiceNow customers.









This event will be held as a virtual meeting. The link will be provided in the Confirmation email.







15:00 Introduction


Danielle Jacobs, CEO, Beltug (English)


15:05 Discussion with ServiceNow

  • GDPR third-country data transfer (Schrems-II)
  • Right to audit
  • Right to pentest
  • Right to responsible disclosure
  • MOA states ServiceNow is not to be used for critical processes:
    • As CMDB, incident management, change management, etc. are essential processes in a company's resiliency
    • If they are used in a NIS(2) context, then these processes require NIS(2) compliance
  • Update every 6 months - customers need to follow the release pace
  • Product roadmap: lacks clarity
  • Multi-tenant difficulties: need to align with other customers
  • Use of Custom Tables was not restricted before (an issue for customers who customise a lot)

16:25 Wrap up


16:30 End