delaware live stream: dFund Arena Fall Edition

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dFund Arena Fall Edition


After a successful launch of the dFund Arena in April 2021, our esteemed jury of dFund experts is opening the virtual doors of the Arena again. They will once again choose 3 new ventures to collaborate with, and help them build their business and develop their dream into a marketable, scalable product.

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch our jury and selected ventures in action in a unique show!

What’s dFund Arena, you wonder? It is delaware's unique accelerator, mentorship and funding program for future ventures. You can find more detailed information on this page.


What to expect?


  • 6 innovative and intriguing pitches of the selected ventures*

  • 10 international expert jury members

  • Thought-provoking Q&A sessions with each of the ventures after the pitches

  • A professional talk show host

  • And a one-of-a-kind TV show format

  • Tackling the most important voice integration challenges

  • Making the switch: a case story by Régie Média Belge


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10:00 Welcome


10:15 Pitches of the ventures


13:00 Wrap-up and Closing



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