BELTUG paper - Business Continuity Planning (BCP): towards real business continuity guarantuees


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) deals with how to be prepared or manage your organisation immediately after a disaster has struck.

The BELTUG checklist “Business Continuity Planning (BCP): towards real business continuity guarantuees” (35 pages) is the result of recent BELTUG's information-gathering of the lessons learnt by companies who invested in internal processes and procedures, in testing and raising knowledge. Meetings with service providers presenting their own BC Plans and in-depth discussions contributed to this document.

BELTUG wants to help organisations ask their service providers the right questions to make their own case or BCP.

Just get your personal copy of the paper now if you want to get answers on: 

  • Senior management buy-in
  • Creating awareness on BCP and what is it, in addition to DRP
  • Initiating a comprehensive approach (with stakeholders, areas to cover and a BC manager) 
  • Starting up a thorough BIA (crucial processes and supporting processes)

Chapter 6 provides straightforward and direct goals, i.e. what you have to know up front. Chapter 7 organises the information needed into a well-thought-out questionnaire or Self Assessment. The Provider Assessment in Chapter 8 presents the results from multiple in-depth meetings and the challenges uncovered with several fixed and mobile operators in Belgium. It is not a comparison table, but a guide to making your own assessment.

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