Checklist Business Continuity in the Telecommunications domain (members only)


The BELTUG Workgroup Business Continuty, ICT and Business Continuity Managers, pubished a checklist on BC for telecoms.

The checklist starts with a short generic chapter on business continuity for the whole company, even though the Workgroup concentrated all efforts on the specifics for the telecommunications domain. 


Multiple fixed and mobile operators have been interviewed to assess their ability to deliver service in a fault tolerant mode, 24*7.  Readiness to provide evidence of an own business continuity plan was measured and challenged.  Their offerings of products and services to help customers build and test their own BCP were put on our radar screen. 


The purpose of this checklist is not to compare any of these products or services nor to compare the performance of the operators: its objective is to help the ICT manager with drafting the appropriate questions as relevant for his specific business case.

The paper (available as PDF-file) is freely available for BELTUG members (just login and you will see the paper at the bottom of this page). Other companies can order the paper for 200 EUR (excl VAT) by contacting

Table of Contents (26p)

1      Introduction.. 2

2      BELTUG initiative.. 3

3      Generic efforts in the business continuity domain.. 5

3.1       BEFORE the start: 5 simple rules. 5

3.2       Let us start ... and keep in mind where we want to go. 6

3.3       Let’s be very practical: here is what to do and how.. 8

3.4       At this point, we have focussed on: 10

3.5       Extra information. 11

4      Specific approach for the telecommunications domain.. 12

4.1       Solve the IT & telecoms problems … as they arise?. 12

4.2       Mitigate risks. 13

4.3       How far is “far enough”?. 14

4.4       Availability definitions, a refreshment?. 15

4.5       Single point of failure. 15

4.6       Transparency and dependency on a single provider. 16

5      Assessment questionnaires. 18

5.1       Self-assessment. 18

5.1.1        Services. 18

5.1.2        Network routing. 18

5.1.3        Dependencies. 18

5.1.4        Diversity and separation. 19

5.1.5        New services. 19

5.1.6        Changes to network structure. 19

5.1.7        Power. 20

5.1.8        Contact in crisis. 20

5.2       Provider assessment. 21

5.2.1        Standards. 21

5.2.2        SLAs, contracts and due diligence. 21

5.2.3        Providing assurance. 22

5.2.4        Availability measures. 22

5.2.5        Understanding the threats. 22

5.2.6        Providing the right solutions. 23

5.2.7        Final question. 24

6      Glossary.. 25




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