BELTUG Paper: How to organise hotspots


With so many questions on creating hotspots from members – about everything from security to legal concerns – BELTUG put together a survey to explore the issues.

This look into hotspots reveals a number of very important do’s and don’ts for companies. For example, it is critical to keep the WiFi network completely separate from the company network, and to differentiate between ‘secured’ WiFi (requiring a login by the user) and ‘unsecured’ WiFi, which requires no login but is becoming more and more popular.

Other topics covered in the research include the need for uniformity in usage conditions of hotspots, and why clear communication of those conditions to the users is key.

BELTUG has put together a paper (in Dutch and French) with the results of the research, covering the above topics as well as common usage condition clauses, legal aspects, issues with downloading/uploading and more.


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