BELTUG's guide to selecting a Cloud Service Provider


Selecting the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to trust with your applications and data can be a difficult process. The CSP landscape is very diverse; there are lots of different solutions available, each with its specific advantages and disadvantages. The real challenge is to find the offering  and provider best suited to your specific needs:

  • Does the service proposed offer a proper match for your business needs?
  • Does the service pricing fit with the budget stated in the business case?
  • Have all risks and the costs to mitigate those risks been addressed?

BELTUG has put together the BELTUG Cloud Service Provider Evaluation Guide to help our members determine which provider and service is right for you. The questions and issues focus not on whether cloud computing is right for you, but rather are intended put you on the path to carefully evaluating the CSPs and their offers.


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