M2M: new numbers, new questions


It is no surprise that M2M (machine to machine) communications will give rise to fresh challenges - organisations, authorities and users have been aware of this for awhile.

Now BIPT/IBPT has acted to address some of the issues, such as the shortage of numbers available to meet the demand in the coming years. A new 15 digit number range will be introduced on 1 September 2013.

But the actions taken and questions answered create a series of additional questions that will affect telecoms users. How will the new number range be implemented? How will migration be managed? What about the M2M SIM cards – and their “operator portability”?

BELTUG has put together a paper (in Dutch and French) to take on these issues and to lay out the areas that need clarification and consideration. We also explain recent developments and make concrete recommendations for the regulators. You can read the papers below, after logging in.


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