2nd BELTUG Mobile Index Results Report - September 2013


The results are in: if you want to see lower mobile data rates, you need to act - and the sooner the better. The Report from BELTUG's 2nd Mobile Data Index, carried out in September 2013, supports and extends our conclusions from the 1st survey, in March 2013.

Once again, we see that the companies that took action and renegotiated their contracts, exceeded the average decrease and paid lower prices. The survey also confirms the slow pace of mobile data price reductions.

The Report for the 2nd Mobile Data Index includes 6 concrete and specific recommendations. Among them: BELTUG recommends more strongly than ever that businesses and public institutions contact their mobile operators and start the process of reviewing their mobile data prices.

The entire report - The BELTUG 2nd Mobile Data Index Results Report, with recommendations - is available for BELTUG members below.


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