BELTUG Paper: SIP, SIP Trunking and VoIP Application Notes Belgacom


After numerous consultations, meetings, and workshops attended by both BELTUG members and representatives from Belgacom, BELTUG is publishing the “SIP, SIP Trunking and VoIP Application Notes – Belgacom” paper.

The paper explores a number of issues and notes concerning the implementation of VoIP/SIP networks as well as SIP trunks. Although most of the topics included are specific to VoIP and SIP trunks as implemented by Belgacom, the paper is a 'recommended read' for any organisation using or planning to use VoIP.

The wide range of topics covered includes notes on IPBX certification, analogue fax support, Belgacom SIP trunk pricing and the assessment of VoIP call quality. The paper also puts forward a number of ideas to enhance the current VoIP and SIP trunk offerings to better cover the needs and expectations of organisations wanting to maximise the technical potential of  VoIP/SIP technology.


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