BELTUG market study - First results


During our VIP evening on 13 March 2014 at KBC we presented the highlights of our market study. Some striking results from this study include:

  • 20% of enterprises and administrations have successfully negotiated on their cloud contracts in order to obtain better terms and conditions. This is remarkable considering that 50% of the interviewees are considering moving to the cloud for an e-mail, calendar and contact solution.
  • The fixed - mobile convergence trend continues: 13.5% of respondents use one number, while 47% are considering doing so.
  • Smartphones and tablets are booming, thanks in part to BYOD. However, 1 out of 4 respondents doesn't think about mobile device management. On the other hand, 44% do and 32% are considering it.
  • Unified Communications is popular: 61.2% already use it, while 26.2% are considering it.

 The full presentation from the BELTUG VIP evening, with the major highlights is available for BELTUG members below. A full report with more details will be published soon, available to all BELTUG members.

Premium version of report

Thanks to the wealth of data we collected in the survey we have decided to issue a Premium version of the report, as well, with extra analysis on specific topics that are of interest to certain of our members. As with the general report, this Premium report will only be available for BELTUG members and partners.

It will include:

  • All the information and analysis from the general report
  • Telecom market shares for 200+ employee organisations in Belgium and in Flanders
  • Telecom market shares for international companies based in Belgium
  • Split of results by private and public sector
  • More detailed analysis on international companies
  • Enriched analysis and comparisons with other studies, such as BELTUG’s mobile data index study and the Datanews telecom survey
  • The types of cloud contracts that are being negotiated
  • Ranking of MDM solutions being used or considered


The Premium report will be available to you at the price of 3.500 EUR. If you pre-order your copy before 31.05.2015, we will offer you a discount of 200 EUR. BELTUG partners benefit from a discount of 300 EUR off the regular price, and receive the additional discount of 200 EUR (for a total discount of 500 EUR) by pre-ordering before 31.05.2015.

Included in the price are:

  • The report delivered in PDF, for internal distribution within your organisation
  • 2 paper copies of the report
  • A face-to-face discussion of the results at your office between a delegation of your management and a representative of the BELTUG team
  • Permission to use the figures in company presentations (as long as you indicate BELTUG as the source).

To order your Premium version of the BELTUG market survey report, register your details here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Danielle Jacobs, for any query you might have,


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