BELTUG creates 2 software audit checklists


Almost three-quarters of BELTUG members have faced software audits in the past years: how should you manage one when it's your turn?

Technological innovations such as virtualisation, cloud solutions and BYOD are drastically changing how organisations deploy software. But alongside this, the way license requirements is also evolving, which means the risk of - inadvertently - violating license terms and conditions is steadily increasing.

Software vendors make use of software licensing audits to spot-check how customers use their software and to confirm compliance with the latest licensing changes.

While our 2015 BELTUG Market Study: The Belgian Business ICT Market revealed that 73% of our members have already experienced a software audit, our discussions with members at BELTUG events throughout the year uncovered the need for more clarification on how to manage the situation when it happens. So we created 2 checklists for specific audit situations to give you some recommendations.

Software Licensing Audits Checklist

Software licensing audits are generally seen as an inconvenience - at the least - by the targeted organisations. But, combined with effective software asset management, there are a number of strategies you can use to help your organisation better manage its software licensing audits.

The Software Licensing Audits Checklist lays out a number of suggestions for dealing with an impending software licensing audit initiated by a software vendor.

Checklist for Defendants in Court-ordered Software Audits

But what about court-ordered software audits? In those cases, there are some very specific recommendations. This BELTUG-developed Court-ordered Legal Audit Checklist gives you an overview of the typical Do’s and Don’ts associated with court-ordered or legal software audits. Some of the points presented in this checklist are also applicable to non-court-ordered software audits, so it’s worth taking a look even if you aren’t facing a legal software audit.

Software audits aren’t your responsibility? Why not share this information with your colleague who is responsible? BELTUG has become very active in software audit issues, including organising targeted events to help members with their software asset management.


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