Beltug/INTUG Position on ITRE Rapporteur Report


In September 2016, the European Commission published a proposal for establishing a European Electronic Communications Code. As part of the regulatory process, ITRE (the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy in the European Parliament) published its draft rapporteur report on the proposal, on 17 March 2017.


Beltug and INTUG’s aim is to bring down all barriers that private companies and public institutions face when introducing their digital strategy with new and innovative on-line processes, to enhance investment in improved communications technologies, and to ensure open access and connectivity to enable a fully inclusive and connected information society.


The proposed Directive and the ITRE report are thus of significant interest to Beltug, INTUG and their members. Beltug/INTUG have published a Position (log-in not required!) with specific comments on the findings in the ITRE report. This Position has been sent to all members of ITRE and of IMCO (European Parliament's Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection).


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