Proposal for a Software Developers' Code of Conduct


Beltug and INTUG have published the Proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct based on input from many different companies from different countries. It defines a set of acceptable practices for software publishers’ behavior and covers contractual, technical, lifecycle and software audit conduct rules.


With so many questions from all kinds of businesses regarding software license management and software audits, it is time for business users to combine their efforts. In today’s fast moving software world, companies and public services share an increasing unease when it comes to managing their software assets. Software publishers release software products supported by sophisticated and complex license models and agreements. Furthermore, they seem to be either unable or unwilling to provide their customers with proper controls to ensure that they do not use the software in a manner not in line with these complex license specifications.


Typically, the software publishers poorly label the software, while the customers are not provided with accurate tools and guidance to proactively manage their software estate. Nor are customers given the clarity and transparency they need on the level of software licensing programs governing the use of the licensed software.


The ultimate goal of the proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct is therefore for software publishers to provide legal certainty and unambiguous software licensing contracts with a clear definition of responsibilities for both software publishers and customers. The 21st century will be known as the digital era. Already today, we see exponential technology growth transforming every sector and industry. IT technology has become an important factor for economic progress and development. Complex, unbalanced and ambiguous software license contracts are a roadblock to unleashing the full potential from our society’s digitalization.


The Proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct is available for all Beltug, INTUG and EuroCIO members, to use as a support during negotiations with software publishers.


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