Guide VoIP & IPtel – BELTUG and Agoria Febeltel


It is clear that IP Telephony is here to stay. IP became the technology by default to transport data, voice as well as video. Instead of a cold “swap” there has been a smooth migration from traditional telephony systems (PABX) to IP enabled telephony systems.

The grand question confronting companies is in fact “what to do with IP Telephony, what to take heed of?”. In order to meet this obvious need for precise information, both Agoria-Febeltel, the association of Voice Data Suppliers & Integrators, and BELTUG, the association of business ICT users, have drawn up an extensive guideline for the implementation of IP telephony.

Its purpose is to provide potential IP Telephony newcomers with an effective tool to check off the basic requirements for a healthy communication solution. This covers multiple aspects such as Quality of Service, Security, Mobility, and many others …

The different elements have not been elaborated on in detail, because the guideline is not intended as some kind of course. If anything, with this guideline, BELTUG and Agoria-Febeltel want to guide companies in asking the right questions to the various solution providers. It is a technical document however, requiring at least some more profound knowledge of telecommunications.

44 pages

pdf PDF 2005 05 Guide VoIP & IPtel – BELTUG and Agoria Febeltel.pdf

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