Peer Practices: Toyota's software licence checklist


At our Beltug X-change in May 2018 on 'Software licences – knowledgeable negotiation and management', presenter Steven Wynants of Toyota spoke about a check-list Toyota uses for procurement.  The checklist is completed by SaaS vendors who are selling a product or service to Toyota, and it thus offers a tool for internal business clients to help with their vendor negotiations.


This check-list helps:

  • reveal potential risks at the beginning of the negotiation
  • compare different SaaS suppliers (e.g. during RFQ process)
  • show the results of negotiations with the supplier -> contract cover sheet.


Toyota has shared both the checklist and the corresponding user guide, as part of Beltug's Peer Practices initiative.


Many thanks, Toyota, for sharing with your peers at Beltug!


You, our members, form a solid knowledge bank and at Beltug we aim at building on that strength. Do you have tools/documents you use in your company that you can share with the other members?  Drop us an email! This way we can bring even more valuable information to our members.


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