The joint 2019 Beltug, Dimension Data, Orange, Proximus, Telenet and Verizon Belgian Business ICT Market Report: exclusively for our members


What's happening in Belgian ICT with innovation and new technologies, enterprise mobility, vendor relations, cloud and cloud contracts, Unified Communications and security budgets? The 2019 Belgian Business ICT Market report tackles these and many other questions.


In 2014 and 2015, Beltug organised a market study on its own. In 2017, a co-operation with Orange, Proximus and Telenet was created. For the 2019 study, Dimension Data and Verizon joined the project.


By combining the efforts and knowledge of these six parties, we aimed to build an in-depth market study of the Belgian ICT market, covering the needs of businesses ranging from SOHOs (small office/home office) to large multinationals. In all, we received 1145 responses, representing all layers of the Belgian economy - from one-person businesses to large multi-nationals.


This 60-page report, exclusively for Beltug members, provides the results from the 196 large organisations: those with 200+ employees. Because of the significant number of large organisations participating, and the structure of the Belgian economy, we assert that it is reasonable to claim that the results from this survey are representative for organisations, companies and public institutions with more than 200 employees.


You can see the Table of Contents below, and Beltug members can access the entire report here (after log-on).




1 Introduction: Why a market study by Beltug, Dimension Data, Orange, Proximus, Telenet and Verizon?


2 Innovation & use of new technologies

2.1 Digital transformation

2.2 The channels for clients to contact companies are changing fast

2.3 Blockchain makes its entry

2.4 Chatbots: strong growth expected

2.5 One-fourth of the companies already use Artificial Intelligence already used in

2.6 The use of the smartphone for applications is on the rise

2.7 Internet of Things & Machine-to-Machine

2.8  Software Defined Networking (SDN)

2.9 Homeworking

2.10 Connectivity for visitors is seen as a must-have


3 Communication tools

3.1 Unified Communications (UC) usage is exploding

3.2 Microsoft is more than dominating the UC market

3.3 UC on-premises or in the cloud?

3.4 Integrating UC and telephony

3.5 Use of consumer communication tools

3.6 Voice over Wi-Fi


4 Security

4.1 Which security tools are used in the company?

4.2 Security budgets are on the rise

4.3 Backup solutions for data

4.4 More than 4 out of 10 businesses reported IT security issues

4.5 Cyber insurance: still immature


5 Cloud

5.1 Negotiating cloud contracts

5.2 Use of Software as a Service (SaaS)

5.3 Different approaches towards cloud

5.4 CRM and HR are popular applications as SaaS

5.5 Security, privacy & cost are the most cited arguments against SaaS

5.6 High uptake of PaaS and IaaS

5.7 The IaaS-market is highly concentrated


6 Enterprise mobility  

6.1 Device evolution

6.2 A lot of possibilities for the usage of mobile devices

6.3 Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


7 Vendor relations

7.1 Most companies only have one telco for fixed communications

7.2 Where are most decisions taken regarding telecom?

7.3 Where are most decisions taken regarding IT?

7.4 Where are most decisions taken regarding security?

7.5 Most companies prefer a single provider for fixed and mobile services

7.6 Most companies prefer different provider for telecom and IT  


8 Importance of the different telecom providers - business market 200+ employees

8.1 Presence of the telcos – Fixed telephony

8.2 Presence of the telcos - Mobile communications

8.3 Presence of the telcos - Fixed internet

8.4 Presence of the telcos - Corporate networks  


9 Indoor coverage for mobile communications

9.1 55% of the organisations invest in indoor coverage

9.2 More than 1 out of 3 are not satisfied with the quality of the indoor coverage


10 Methodology  

10.1 Participants


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