Responses to the Beltug Consultation on monitoring tools


In June 2019, Beltug carried out a Consultation on monitoring tools. The text of the Consultation request was:



"Do you have experience with a monitoring tool?


One of our members is looking for a monitoring tool that will give them a constant and complete overview of their entire ICT environment, infrastructure and application landscape, across the entire organisation, in Belgium and internationally.


They are also interested in how to implement such a monitoring tool.

  • Do you have experiences to share? (Bullet-style answers are fine.)
  • (Suppliers may provide their contact details, which will be passed on to the member.)
  • Can the member contact you about your experience?"


Several members responded with their own experiences with the monitoring tools they use. Some responses are summarised and anonymised below:


  • "Have a look at Dynatrace. Seems they will tick all your boxes."
  • "We have implemented PRTG monitoring across our network, Infrastructure and applications... easy to implement...Alerting is highly visual...PRTG helps to more quickly identify which component in the whole IT chain is generating the problem."
  • "In case you want more details to be able to do root-cause analysis of what happened, then more extensive (but also more expensive) tools like Solarwinds will be better placed."
  • "We use Kibana, with good results, for the monitoring of a number of applications.


A number of service providers also provided information on their solutions. You can find the complete answers from the users (anonymised), along with the service provider details, in the summary report for the Consultation (after login).



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