Employee Privacy Policy Example Template, from Beltug and Cranium


Beltug, together with Cranium, has put together an example template (after login) our members can use as a base to create or to adapt an Employee Privacy Policy, explaining to employees how and why their personal data may be used within the company or shared with a third party.


(You're not a Beltug member, but would like to use the template? Send us an email to request it.)


Many companies have already created employee privacy policies, while others have not. Regardless, ensuring compliance with the GDPR has raised a lot of questions - which have been passed on to us by our members.


The paper gives employees a quick definition of the important terms, and describes common ways their data is used internally: payroll and admin, evaluation and training, work planning, security… It also covers their rights and protections.


To use the template, pull up your processing activity records for personnel and payroll administration, evaluation and training, work planning, security and control of the company and assets. Copy the relevant information into the related areas of the template, then submit the statement for internal review and approval. Consider providing a short training, and make sure to keep the policy aligned with your processing activity records!






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